Most of our classes are open to all ages. Join us on the farm for hands-on STEAM based learning and exploration.

~ Seasonal Food Gardening 101 ~

This class is centered around teaching all ages how to successfully grow food for your table year round. We will talk about succession planting, companion planting, rotational planting, what grows best for each season, when to start planting for each season, and more! We are prepared to discuss how to grow food in all types of spaces such as starting a no dig garden in your lawn, or amending soil you have planted in for years, creating brand new raised beds, growing in large pots… the goal is to grow your own food and be successful! We will highlight when to prepare to harvest and ways to preserve different crops, while adding tidbits of information on natural remedies for pest control and exciting uses for kitchen/home generated items as plant food!

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~ Microbe Island – Composting & Soil Food Web ~

Microbe Island is a location on our farm where we have several types of composting systems, a giant worm bin, and a biochar kiln. This class will immerse you into how composting works and all the different types of compost setups. We will also dive into the microscopic world of microbes including fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and their Food Web which includes worms, arthropods, rodents, birds, and other mammals. This class is ALL AGES. (Click Registration Link Below for Dates.)

Youth $15/Adult $25/Family(3+) $50

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~ Wonder Gardening for Tots ~

This class is centered around immersing children (ages 1-5) in all of the gardens’ wonder and glory. We hope to inspire a new or existing interest and love of nature in our future generations. We will have STEAM-based hands-on activities, exploration and discovery walks, and answers for all your gardening, bug, and nature based questions (or at least most of them!). A great way to get the family outside for some guided nature/garden exploration in our Children’s Wonder Garden where we have a play structure with a small slide, a living willow Wonder Tunnel, an African Keyhole Garden, a Strawberry Patch, Rows of Raspberries, Pumpkins, a Dinosaur Plant, and SO MUCH MORE!!! (Click link below for dates)

$20/Day per Child + up to 2 Adults per kid

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~ Bamboo Forest Exploration & Crafting ~

Join us on the farm to explore our 3 acres of Bamboo forest and craft with our wide assortment of bamboo. Learn about the world’s largest grass while creating a functional piece of your own. Cured bamboo, tools, instruction, and examples will be provided to guide your inspiration. Example Bamboo Crafts: Learn how to create and care for a native bee home, a Pu’ohe or Hawaiian Bamboo Trumpet, design a Windchime, Customize a Walking Stick, make a Tomato Cage, Build a Trellis for your garden, make a Pencil Holder, and more! (Click the link below to see available dates.)

$20 youth (15 & under) / $25 per adult / $60 per family (3+)

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~ Yoga on the Farm~

Alicia Gray of WeYoga is coming to Parker Learning Gardens to share some Yoga practice with you! We will move through a Vinyasa style flow accompanied with some breath awareness. Come gather your mind, body and spirit together with a wonderful view overlooking our fruit orchards or bamboo forest. Ages 12+. FREE VEGGIE PLANT WITH EVERY REGISTRATION DATE YOU ATTEND! 20% of proceeds get donated to Parker Learning Gardens non-profit! Alternating Fridays and Saturdays through June and July 9:30-10:30am. (Click link below to see dates)

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~ Meet the Bees & Pollination ~

Come out to meet our Honeybees and Beekeeper, Doug, owner of Emerald Valley Bees while he shows us the inside of the beehives! He will try to find us a queen bee to look at and will be available to answer all of your honeybee questions! Following that we will dive deeper into bees and the many types of Native Bees and why they are so important to pollination and our food sources. We will end the class making bee houses for Native Bees, out of recycled items and bamboo, for your to take home and promote Native Bee populations in your neighborhood! (Limited Classes Click Link Below for Dates)

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~ Garden Pig Class ~

Come meet our hard working pigs and learn how they contribute to the health of our orchards and gardens. We will cover the benefits of how pigs help regenerate the soil and their use as an organic means to reduce pests and diseases. Pigs are very social animals with some amazing physical characteristics! Discover what we do to foster a thriving symbiosis between our pigs and the land we care for. They are very friendly and would love to see you. PIGS! (Click the link below to see what dates are available)

Youth $15/Adult $25/Family(3+) $50

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~ Soil Regeneration with Biochar Creation ~

Join us for this 90 minute class jam-packed with information on soils and how to reverse the depletion of nutrients in them. We will look at the basic compost compositions, how microbes and organisms help with nutrient availability (like worms and fungi), and we will ignite the Biochar Kiln and have a grand time watching it burn with minimal oxygen and big flames! Learn about why soil regeneration is important, and how carbon sequestration can help save the planet! Understand why the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change lists biochar as a Negative Emission Technology (NET). This class is available during all seasons except Summer due to fire safety.

$25 per adult / $15 youth (15 & under)

Fall Dates Coming Soon!

~ Natural Broom & Bowl Craft ~

“Nature’s Brooms & Bowls: Make a Broom Corn Broom and a Corsican Gourd Bowl!”  Join us at Parker Learning Gardens for this two-part class to learn all about the art and history of growing and crafting these natural brooms and bowls. We will provide the broom corn, Corsican gourds, tools and technique. You go home with a new passion and your own farm grown and crafted broom and bowl!