At Parker Learning Gardens (PLG) our practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion starts with honest internal dialogue, encouraging all people involved to reflect, listen and learn from one another’s experiences. By examining our internal biases, we seek practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our organization, including our leadership, staff, volunteers, and programming. PLG is committed to cultivating and embracing these concepts throughout our organization with the recognition that diversity, equity, and inclusion maximizes our potential by fostering a more balanced and resourceful community that celebrates its strengths, talents, perspectives, and uniqueness. Our commitment to diversity promotes creativity, innovation, respect, and acceptance for everyone involved with PLG, improving our ability to serve the community. We embrace equity and inclusion by adapting our resources and support for individuals of all backgrounds and learning needs. PLG programs are designed with the intention to welcome all people to flourish in the garden environment, collectively creating a place where the children and families of our community can better realize their full potential.