Our Garden Club classes immerse children in natural spaces on our unique 33-acre farm to hone their focus on the living world around them. Through interaction, collaboration, and discovery our curriculum seeds an awareness of important concepts (the soil food web, biodiverse ecosystems, organic agriculture, etc.) while instilling a sense of awe and enjoyment.

Gardening engages every child’s innate wonder and care for natural systems, offers them opportunities to participate in hands-on learning, and teaches them where their food comes from. Children who participate in gardening programs receive dramatic, documented gains across a diverse range of critical growth areas including personal well-being, food security, nutritional awareness, environmental stewardship, and community connectedness.

How It Works

Our Garden Club is a weekly two hour class every Wednesday from 4-6pm for children ages 5 – 11. Registration for a single class is an option, but we encourage cumulative full-season participation. For our 2023 program, Garden Club starts March 1st and ends November 15th, designed for three seasons: Spring (16 weeks), Summer (11 weeks), and Fall (11 weeks). Children will learn from standards-aligned activities in developmentally appropriate groups, with guidance from two instructors and up to two volunteers. Child-initiated sensory play and time to anchor new skills is provided to account for children’s needs and interests.

There will be many opportunities for self-expression and design practices through arts, crafting, and engineering using natural materials provided. We will include at least one hands-on garden activity, one STEAM-based lesson about gardening/plants/nature, and at least one worksheet, crafted item, bountiful harvest, or plant to bring home. Let’s grow together!

Scholarship Program

Thanks to the generous support of those who donate to Parker Learning Gardens we are able to offer scholarships for our Children’s Garden Club!

Children’s Garden Club Scholarship Program: If you are currently receiving any federal financial assistance (SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, Public Housing) you qualify for 50% reduction in Garden Club registration fees.

~ Spring Garden Club ~

Starts 3/1/23, ends 6/14/23. Spring is a magical time of year to learn about the water cycle, soil food web, composting, & seed germination. Children will get to experiment with plant starts, get their hands dirty making seed bombs and other natural crafts, learn about farm animals, and experience the natural world as things begin to defrost and come to life. (Click the link below to see available dates.)

1 Class $20 / 16 Classes $280

Wednesdays 4-6pm

~ Summer Garden Club ~

Starts 6/21/23, ends 8/30/23. So many things to taste and harvest! Children will learn about how to extend the growing season, organic pest management, and harvesting techniques. We will go on insect safari’s, and conduct scientific experiments on weeding, composting, and pollination. (Click the link below to see available dates.)

1 Class $20 / 11 Classes $200

Wednesdays 4-6pm

~ Fall Garden Club ~

Starts 9/6/23, ends 11/15/23. Fall is a wonderful time of harvesting, preserving, growing fall crops, and learning how to put the garden to bed for the winter. We will be pressing fruit juices to sample, enjoying fresh fruits and veggies, using a dehydrator, and more! (Click the link below to see available dates.)

1 Class $20 / 11 Classes $200

Wednesdays 4-6pm

Plant. Learn. Grow.

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Inclusion Statement:
Parker Learning Gardens is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all participants. We strive to support communities and individuals who have experienced the detriment of racism, inequality, and violence. Parker Learning Gardens is an organization that seeks to bring all members of the community together to create positive change. We acknowledge that we have room to grow to further diversify and serve our community better. As we continuously develop a plan for the future, Parker Learning Gardens is: actively educating our staff, interns and volunteers, having challenging discussions within our leadership team, and creating an strategic plan to identify and improve upon our deficiencies. We will continue to advocate for those who have faced inequality by creating a safe and inclusive community for all.
Anti-Discrimination Statement:
Parker Learning Gardens prohibits discrimination and harassment, and will take affirmative measures to ensure against them, especially if they are implemented on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression,
age, marital status, national origin, disability, status as a veteran or disabled veteran, neurodiversity, personal appearance, genetic information, family responsibilities, matriculation or political affiliation. This policy applies to all employees or potential employees, interns, volunteers, participants, members of the Parker Learning Gardens’ Board of Directors, and anyone attending Parker Learning Gardens’ events, classes, workshops, garden clubs, youth programs, field trips, and tours.  This policy extends to all aspects of employment and participation at Parker Learning Gardens, including hiring, promotion, training, working conditions, policies, compensation, evaluation, discipline and termination.