Grow Your Experience With Us

Parker Learning Gardens offers hands-on, engaging, learning-focused experiences in a fun and welcoming agricultural work environment. If you have a strong desire to learn and work outdoors while maintaining a positive attitude, then we encourage you to explore our dynamic internship opportunities. We strive to be adaptable and flexible, and we are happy to explore a unique program that will fit your needs. Please connect with us () if you have any questions.

Sustainable Farming/Gardening

Farming/Gardening interns will gain experience in: planning and cultivating organic vegetable gardens, fruit orchard stewardship, animal husbandry (pigs & chickens), permaculture and more. Depending on your interests and availability, we will work together to customize your learning experience.

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Environmental Education

Educational interns will join us in preparing, teaching, and demonstrating a wide variety of engaging classes and hands-on workshops about organic farming practices, the garden as a source of food, the importance of pollinators, permaculture and much more. Depending on your interests and availability, we can work together to customize your learning and teaching experience.

What we offer you:

  • Project based learning activities and skill development.
  • Time and resources to identifying mutual goals, feedback and evaluation.
  • An on-site supervisor who will provide orientation and consistent training.
  • An option to conduct a mid-term conference, and complete a final written evaluation.
  • Flexibility to include integrated coursework to meet academic credit.
  • Customization for your period of commitment to best correspond with your academic calendar/requirements.
  • A program that follows the Fair Labor Standards Act internship criteria.

Inclusion Statement:
Parker Learning Gardens is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all participants. We strive to support communities and individuals who have experienced the detriment of racism, inequality, and violence. Parker Learning Gardens is an organization that seeks to bring all members of the community together to create positive change. We acknowledge that we have room to grow to further diversify and serve our community better. As we continuously develop a plan for the future, Parker Learning Gardens is: actively educating our staff, interns and volunteers, having challenging discussions within our leadership team, and creating an strategic plan to identify and improve upon our deficiencies. We will continue to advocate for those who have faced inequality by creating a safe and inclusive community for all.
Anti-Discrimination Statement:
Parker Learning Gardens prohibits discrimination and harassment, and will take affirmative measures to ensure against them, especially if they are implemented on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression,
age, marital status, national origin, disability, status as a veteran or disabled veteran, neurodiversity, personal appearance, genetic information, family responsibilities, matriculation or political affiliation. This policy applies to all employees or potential employees, interns, volunteers, participants, members of the Parker Learning Gardens’ Board of Directors, and anyone attending Parker Learning Gardens’ events, classes, workshops, garden clubs, youth programs, field trips, and tours.  This policy extends to all aspects of employment and participation at Parker Learning Gardens, including hiring, promotion, training, working conditions, policies, compensation, evaluation, discipline and termination.