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Dear Friends of Children,

Parker Learning Gardens is a newly-formed educational venture dedicated to reconnecting children to their world of plants.  We held gatherings on a farm north of Coburg in 2019 to organize.  We chose to tackle big issues—planetary health, climate collapse, food security, pandemics, antibiotic resistance, disaster recovery and, especially, children estranged from nature. We need your help.

Our name honors benefactors Jeanette and Richard Bennett Parker. Dr. Parker, a microbiologist, was an American pioneer in probiotics.  Decades before 21st Century DNA technology proved it, he taught that the natural world originates from invisible microbiomes.

Plant life began when some of early Earth’s microbes learned to harvest food and energy from the nearest star.  Then they learned to transform Earth and create soil for more plants, and for biodiversity.  Today, plants provide all the food on Earth, and all our oxygen. Every atom in our bodies has passed through Earth’s soils countless times, just as with every other organism on the planet.  Life underground is just as important as above ground. Plants and soil keep Earth livable for humans.  Photosynthesis is the only way soils, waters or ocean sediments remove and store carbon from earth’s overheated atmosphere.

With a plague of Plant Blindness spreading globally, how do adults help children understand, appreciate or even see their Green World?  To perceive invisible microbiomes connecting the Web of Life?

Parker Learning Gardens designs and builds accessible learning environments that demonstrate how plants produce food, oxygen, clean water, habitat, fiber and climate stability for all the earth’s creatures.  Our goal is giving children the scientific knowledge, ancient skills, tools and seeds they desperately need for the challenges they face.

PLG directors include teachers, scientists, artists, farmers, plants breeders and seed producers. We recently became a fully tax-exempt, tax-deductible charity.

Please consider serving on a financial oversight, curriculum, planning and site committee. We’ll need volunteers in many capacities.  Most immediately, we need your monetary contribution.   Our website,, will strive to show what your investment is accomplishing.  We will also be posting volunteer opportunities.

PLG’s list of interventions to achieve cultural change include—

—Providing early childhood educators with common scientific language for the names, stories and songs they weave to describe the world.

—Developing a 33-acre organic river bottom farm into a model for outdoor learning.

—Learning Gardens for every neighborhood.

—Survival Gardens that teach food, fiber and medicine production plus pollution and drinking water cleanup.

—Developing new learning experiences and environments.

—The production facilities to share our efforts.

Learning how nature works is essential to future generations.  They face dire biological challenges —famine, climate collapse, natural disasters and more pandemics.  How will earth’s children clean up pollution?  Protect biodiversity, the earth’s web of life?  Overcome resource depletion?  Battle emerging diseases, antibiotic resistance and science denial?

Parker Learning Garden is taking strong steps to help children perceive, understand and protect their green world, the real world.  Please help us the best you can.

You can mail check to—

Parker Learning Gardens
PO Box 50792
Eugene, Oregon 97405

or donate now online.