Reconnecting the Community to the World of Plants through Permaculture & Regenerative Gardening

31239 Lanes Turn Road, Eugene, OR 97408

Parker Learning Gardens is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Parker Learning Gardens provides a venue and model for designing and growing accessible learning environments to demonstrate how plants produce food, oxygen, clean water, habitat, fiber, and climate stability for all the Earth’s creatures, large and small. We seek to inspire, inform, and educate people through the teaching of science, nutrition, and ecology in our farm- and garden-based programs.

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Through outdoor interaction, observation and discovery; emotional, behavioral, and intellectual development are supported. The gifts of the garden provide children and families the experience of gratitude, and future generations will benefit from enhanced environmental stewardship. It is natural and healthy to cultivate food and habitat, and we aim to reawaken this vital expression in our visitors for the benefit of our planet’s future.

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Our name honors benefactors Jeanette and Richard Bennett Parker. Dr. Parker, a microbiologist, was an American pioneer in probiotics. Decades before 21st Century DNA technology suggested it, he taught that the natural world originates from invisible microbiomes.

By hosting immersive, age-appropriate educational activities, tours and classes we enable our visitors to discover, engage, learn and play in the garden environment. Our focus is in providing the scientific knowledge, ancient skills, tools and seeds we all need for the challenges they face. We practice organic regenerative agriculture to ensure the long term viability of our land and water resources for future generations.

PLG directors include teachers, social workers, scientists, artists, farmers, plant breeders and seed producers.


PLG’s list of interventions to achieve cultural change include:

– Providing early childhood educators with common scientific language for the names, stories and songs they weave to describe the world.

– Developing a 33-acre organic river bottom farm into a model for outdoor learning.

– Specialized gardens that teach food, fiber and medicine production plus pollution and drinking water cleanup.

– Developing new learning experiences and environments.

– The production facilities to share our efforts.

Future generations face dire biological challenges —famine, climate collapse, natural disasters and more pandemics. How will earth’s children clean up pollution? Protect biodiversity, the Earth’s web of life? Overcome resource depletion? Battle emerging diseases, antibiotic resistance and science denial?

Parker Learning Garden is taking strong steps to help people perceive, understand and protect their green world, the real world. Please consider helping us in this effort.

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