Parker Learning Gardens Privacy Policy

Updated October 15, 2020

We at Parker Learning Gardens strive to protect you, our visitors, from intrusions and breaches of privacy, both as a matter of principle and in accordance with law. This Privacy Policy describes what information we collect about you, and how we use it, store it and delete it. We will update this Policy as needed to stay accurate. For example, we may add services or change our retention procedures in a way that would require adjusting this Policy.

Your information. We collect and use information that can identify individuals only for managing donations and comments. We do not track individuals’ use of our site except as detailed below, and we do not use cookies to deliver our content.

Donations. We accept donations online. To do this we have partnered with, our payment gateway company (owned by Visa), a leading provider of gateway services since 1996. Through this interface, we have access to and collect donation and contact information for communications and for managing our necessary donor tax records. This consists of name, email, donation amount, billing address and optional contact information (such as phone number). We do not share this information with anyone outside our immediate organization, except as may be required by law. Donors are essential to our organization. We keep basic donor information in encrypted, password-protected digital and/or secured paper files. On our secure, encrypted server we receive only name and email, and these are purged periodically and will be deleted on request.

Payment card information and the transfer of donations is handled by We do not see or collect card information.’s privacy policy can be found here.

Blog. Visitors may choose to leave comments at our website. Those comments arrive with an IP address and email of the sender and may be stored on our server indefinitely.

Deleting personal information. We will promptly delete information you have given us upon your request and to the extent possible. We may be required to keep certain information for our nonprofit tax records, for security against fraud and other misuse of our services, or as otherwise required by law. Please send any deletion requests to

Other Information that may be available to us from your visiting our website includes which pages were looked at, for how long, which links were followed, etc. It is not specific to who is browsing. We may collect, use, store and delete this information as we find convenient to manage and improve our site.