~ Team Work makes the Dream Work ~

We would love to have you join us on the farm. We offer a variety of opportunities to participate in developing this unique resource for the community. Are you experienced in gardening, pruning, crafting, construction, education, outreach, bookkeeping…? Or do you simply enjoy working outside? Volunteering is a great way to invest in your community, meet new and fascinating people, and learn about organic gardening and permaculture. No prior experience is necessary.

Here is our current list of volunteer activities:

Greenhouse Work & Planting Plant Starts – Get your hands in the soil and fingers upon some seeds while listening to music in the comfort of our old greenhouse. Help us get that crucial head start on the season and learn how and why we plant what we plant for plant starts!

Class Instruction Assistance – Throughout the spring, summer and fall we host Community Workshops and Classes every Friday and Saturday, and our Children’s Garden Club (ages 5-11) every Wednesday. Subjects include: organic gardening, the soil food web, composting, soil regeneration, biochar, pollinators, crafting with bamboo and willow, pigs in the garden, and much more. We are actively pursuing ways to expand our educational programs. Join us in this journey by participating in our instructional presentations, or help further develop and create programs for additional education and crafting.

Bamboo Forest Upkeep – Help create and maintain the trails, alcoves and natural classrooms in our 3-acre bamboo forest. Prune, sort and collect bamboo for future crafting or biochar creation. The bamboo forest is a magical place to disappear into for a day and slip away from your everyday experience. Tools and guidance are provided.

Children’s Wonder Garden Development – Playful and artistic garden features inspire awe and encourage a love of nature and creativity. For our Wonder Garden we are developing many engaging elements: a meandering trail with a section of log round stepping stones, natural wood sculptures, a multicolored picket fence with whimsical archways, living willow features, and more. Join in the creation fun and help us further develop this memorable garden space.

Living Willow Structure Creation – There are several established willow trees on the farm for sourcing longer cuttings. We are regularly creating living dome structures and living fences in the winter and early spring to showcase the art and function of this unique craft. Help us cut, sort, design and build these living pieces for future visitors to explore and enjoy.

Fruit Orchard Pruning – We have over 500 hundred fruit trees that could use some lovely sculpting. Tools are provided; and we can offer instruction and principles on pruning as needed. Come enjoy the tranquility of our orchard and it’s wildlife, gain a bit of know-how on pruning, and go home with a deep sense of accomplishment.

Hazelnut Orchard Upkeep – Some parts of our hazelnut orchards are wild with an abundance of side growth and dead wood. Help us pick up the orchards, clear openings, accumulate biochar fuel and transform the arching hazelnut hollows into functional corridors. (In Development: A food forest section tucked in a cleaned up hazelnut tree block.)

Sun Tunnel Greenhouse Assembly – Help us finish the walls of our Garden Greenhouse. It’s a 25’ x 50’ structure with custom metal framework. Learn how this unique structure connects together and how it will function for us at Parker Learning Gardens.

Fundraising & Special Event Help – We are planning to host fundraising events throughout 2023. Help us organize, strategize, and implement these events. Add to the development of our fundraising program and help us better understand who is in support of what we do.

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A list of developing projects can be found on our Projects page.

Inclusion Statement:
Parker Learning Gardens is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all participants. We strive to support communities and individuals who have experienced the detriment of racism, inequality, and violence. Parker Learning Gardens is an organization that seeks to bring all members of the community together to create positive change. We acknowledge that we have room to grow to further diversify and serve our community better. As we continuously develop a plan for the future, Parker Learning Gardens is: actively educating our staff, interns and volunteers, having challenging discussions within our leadership team, and creating a strategic plan to identify and improve upon our deficiencies. We will continue to advocate for those who have faced inequality by creating a safe and inclusive community for all.
Anti-Discrimination Statement:
Parker Learning Gardens prohibits discrimination and harassment, and will take affirmative measures to ensure against them, especially if they are implemented on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression,
age, marital status, national origin, disability, status as a veteran or disabled veteran, neurodiversity, personal appearance, genetic information, family responsibilities, matriculation or political affiliation. This policy applies to all employees or potential employees, interns, volunteers, participants, members of the Parker Learning Gardens’ Board of Directors, and anyone attending Parker Learning Gardens’ events, field trips, tours, and classes.  This policy extends to all aspects of employment and participation at Parker Learning Gardens, including hiring, promotion, training, working conditions, policies, compensation, evaluation, discipline and termination.